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Streamline the Last Mile of your Supply Chain with Locus’ Delivery Management Software. Automate Delivery Scheduling with real-time tracking alerts & updates.

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$150 M 

Saved in Logistics Costs

17 M + KGS
Reduction in GHG Emissions
70 M + KMS
Reduced in distance travelled

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Why use Locus for Delivery Management Software?

The right delivery management software for all your last-mile requirements. Plan, execute, and manage your logistics optimally with Locus.

Powered by Location Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

With advanced geocoding capabilities and AI-enabled route planning, now plan your deliveries with great accuracy and meet all your delivery SLAs.

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Best of Analytics and Insights

Our logistics tech helps you make well-informed business decisions with data-driven insights and real-time analytics of your supply chain operations.

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Easy to Implement Logistics SaaS

Optimize your logistics with our easy-to-implement and highly scalable software solutions, no matter what size and nature of your business.

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End-to-end delivery optimization

From order scheduling to delivery planning, fleet utilization, resource optimization and final mile fulfillment, streamline your supply chain from end-to-end with Locus.

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Locus Delivery Management Software Features

Enable smooth functioning of your supply chain and ensure maximum customer delight in the last mile with our best-in-class delivery management software.

Automated Logistics Planning

Minimize human dependency in your supply chain by automating logistics planning with Locus. Plan your daily deliveries, order dispatch schedules, and assign delivery associates within no time on Locus’ intuitive logistics planning dashboard.

Advanced Delivery Route Planning

Locus’ geocoding engine enables accurate delivery route mapping, helping you identify addresses and reach customers on time. Our advanced route optimization solution considers multiple on-ground constraints and plans optimal delivery routes every time, with dynamic routing on the go.

Real-time Visibility

Our live visibility and fleet tracking solution helps you stay on top of your on-ground logistics and manage your supply chain more efficiently. Along with improving supply chain transparency, predictive analytics and real-time notifications help in making faster and better decisions.

Optimal Fleet Management

Locus allows you to manage your delivery fleet efficiently by planning the right mix of owned vs outsourced fleet vehicles to suit your delivery demands, and also plans dispatches by clubbing orders intelligently to utilize every vehicle to its fullest potential.

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