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About the webinar

The holiday season is typically a time of increased consumer demand, and in recent years, this surge has been seen across online channels as more and more consumers discover the convenience of pulling goods and services to their homes. As a result, last-mile delivery becomes one of the most crucial legs of the fulfilment process, as it is the first physical touchpoint between a consumer and a business. With steep customer expectations, and frequent surges in demand, it can be quite challenging to ensure optimal fulfillment.

This has also put pressure on logistics companies to meet delivery expectations while balancing the need for cost efficiency and sustainability. Navigating these challenges requires careful planning, proactive measures, and effective communication with customers.

This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities of last mile deliveries, and provide insights and strategies for navigating demand surge and fulfillment challenges.

Key discussion points

Dynamics and impact of demand surge on operations

Optimize your delivery route

Expand your delivery options

Leveraging Technology

Best practices to improve delivery performance

Balancing Unit Economics


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Ali Arafat

Regional Director - SEA

Ali Arafat comes with 13+ years of experience across Management Consulting, SaaS and Product organizations. He has experience transforming and centralizing the Logistics function across SEA regions for large businesses. He also has experience of working across multiple industries such as Retail, FMCG and Manufacturing. In his current role at Locus, Ali has a regional responsibility to grow the South East Asia region, by disrupting the Supply Chain through AI & NLP enabled Last Mile Delivery Management.  He is also responsible for the identification of new business opportunities through means of alliances, Joint Ventures, acquisitions, mergers.

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